Citizen Engagement Workshop Speakers

Social Relationships and GovTech

Abigail Gilbert
Abigail Gilbert

According to Abigail Gilbert of the New Local Government Network, “Technology is an enabler of new social relationships. But it can only present opportunities for social change to the extent that these changes are conceived and explored by the people who design and create it. For civ-tech and gov-tech to make people more creative, collaborative, and self-determining, councils play a key role in ensuring that design is democratically influenced, and service user-centric.”

Abigail will be discussing these ideas at our upcoming ‘conversations workshop‘ on April 27. She’ll be joined in conversation by Jeffrey Peel, Editor of Citizen2020, and Stephen Morgan, Co-Founder of Squiz.

Smart Cities Workshop Speakers

Urban Transformation Perspectives

Charbel Aoun is a member of Future Cities Catapult’s board and has spent more than two decades in Fortune 100 and technology startups. Charbel has also spent 10 years researching, implementing and advising companies on a range of topics he is passionate about: from smart cities to digitization. He is also the founder of LUCID Urban Transformation.

Charbel previously worked as Chief of Sales and Strategy Officer at Enevo, an IOT startup which he joined from Schneider Electric where he was Global President & CEO of their Smart Cities business. Prior to that he was in Cisco as Managing Director of their smart and connected communities in EMEA and Latin America.

At our London workshop on April 27 Charbel will outline examples of how technology is used in practice in helping cities deliver better services. He’ll also outline some of the key challenges facing city governments seeking to achieve maximum value while faced with limited budgets.

Citizen Engagement Digital Government Workshop Speakers

Integrating City Services

Ricky Morton is responsible for defining the ‘Digital Kingston: Smart Borough’ strategy and leading on open data, smart city infrastructure, web and digital presence, customer experience and digital transformation.

Ricky will be presenting at our London workshop on April 27 and will focus on integrated city services. He also promises a pop quiz as part of his presentation.

If you’d like to attend the workshop we have a few places left. You can find out more about the workshop and pre-register here.