AI Round Tables

So what is Artificial Intelligence?

Well, simply put, it’s where machines are taught (or teach themselves) to do things that we – humans – aren’t very good at. 

Most of us aren’t good at car parking or finding our way in a place we’ve never been to before. Few of us like really dull repetitive tasks. Most of us aren’t very observant, it’s just the way our brains work. And because we’re busy we’re often just not on top of stuff that we should be.

And the great thing is that computers can be taught to do an awful lot of stuff that we hate to do – and, frankly, can do it better.

Like scanning medical images to detect potential problems. Or making predictions about crop yields based on loads of data sources. Or monitoring routine things going on in our car engines. But they need to do these things to suit us and make our lives better. And we need to understand how they do it.

The United Kingdom has pioneered the use of machine learning and AI. We have some of the world’s most innovative AI companies here building solutions for better mobility, better run cities, better healthcare. But we recognise that innovation is a collaborative business.

So we want to encourage dialog, co-operation, and partnership. It’s for that reason that we’re running a series of AI and machine learning workshops and round-tables to encourage the best AI entrepreneurs, decision-makers and funders to get together and talk. We’ll be hosting these sessions in the UK and also in UK overseas embassies in places like Berlin, Helsinki, Madrid and Lisbon.

We already have a few dates in the diary. But if you’d like to take part just get in contact with me and I’ll get you connected to the DIT’s local teams in-market.

By Jeffrey Peel

Editor, Citizen20Series and MD, Quadriga Consulting.I am responsible for all site content and have overall responsibility for site editorial, as well as site membership.

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