BBC NI Complaint Update

We were overwhelmed by the number of co-signatories to our complaint letter to the BBC relating to BBC NI’s Health Correspondent’s activity on social media.

In short, we expected a few dozen signatures. In fact 207 people counter-signed our complaint letter.

We have now submitted the complaint to the BBC Executive Complaints Unit and have been advised that we will receive a response within 27 days. Here’s the correspondence we submitted to the Unit on behalf of all 207 signatories.

The BBC’s previous responses to my complaint did not address the substantive issue relating to Ms Connolly’s social media activity i.e. that she was encouraging the vaccination of children and also that she was providing medical advice to individuals when she is clearly not a qualified medical practitioner, nor is she qualified to determine the efficacy of trial drugs.

Following your most recent correspondence I posted a further complaint on my website and asked the general public to electronically counter-sign the complaint. Full details are available here. The post also details the full text of my (new) complaint letter:

I have, so far, received 207 signatures from co-complainants. Of these 207, 195 are resident in Northern Ireland. If you provide me an email address I’d be happy to provide the full database of names and email addresses of the 195 Northern Ireland residents who have counter-signed. I’d be grateful if you could reply with a statement of how you intend to address this matter and what action will be taken to ensure that Ms Connolly desists from expressing personal opinions and offering medical advice under her guise as Health Correspondent for BBC NI.

In my view Ms Connolly should also apologise for her previous inappropriate social media activity. I look forward to receiving your response.

Jeffrey Peel

By Jeffrey Peel

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