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Apartheid and MLAs

Today MLAs in Northern Ireland’s devolved Assembly get to vote for or against the introduction of Covid passports – after the legislation was rubber-stamped by the Executive a few weeks ago. I spoke at the protest outside Stormont this morning – organised by LibertyNI. Here is the text of my short speech.

This place has had a bloody history. For too long our politics were defined by the masked gunman. And having emerged from that awful legacy we created an accommodation of sorts between our tribes. There are people in this place that claim that they emerged from the civil rights and equality movements. Others who talk about our need to play our part in a modern, diversity embracing, democracy. 

And yet, today, we stand on the cusp of dividing our society once more and creating a sub-group – an underclass of people defined, simply, by their unwillingness to submit to the government’s instruction.

And what is that instruction? That some people – regardless of their informed consent – take a “vaccine” to protect themselves against a disease that presents little or no risk, thereby subjecting themselves to a much greater risk from the vaccine itself. And, remember, it’s a vaccine that clearly doesn’t work, has waning efficacy after weeks, and now requires four shots – apparently – to be effective. What type of vaccine is that?  It’s a vaccine designed for huge profits, built on the back of government mendacity.

Our elected representatives are being asked to support legislation that will restrict the participation of people in society based on their free choice. Covid passports will require the vaccinated to declare their medical choices to bouncers and bar staff or teenage door-checkers in cinemas – to be allowed in. The unvaccinated will be required to test themselves for the presence of a disease that we know the vaccinated are routinely catching and spreading. Gibraltar, Israel, Ireland – nations with the highest vaccination rates AND the highest rates of infection – or vaccine side-effects. 

Our Chief Medical Officer patronisingly tells us that he can tell who is genuine in this situation, and who isn’t – who genuinely reject masks on the basis that they are pointless theatre and virtue signalling – versus those who might fear the masked because masks used to be about hiding faces to avoid identification. To avoid revealing their lack of humanity.

There’s talk about the petition of concern being used here today to stop this legislation. And that’s good. Because there is no cross-community consent for this legislation. People who refuse to take this medical intervention have sought to be informed and have refused to give their expressed consent for this procedure. That is their right under the terms of the Nuremburg Convention and the UNESCO Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights. That is their right. Refusal of that right is fascism. 

Let me make it clear. People of faith, and people of none, have the inalienable right to say NO to these fake vaccines and not to be penalised for it. That is why so many of our people fought and died in two world wars to counter tyranny. This is not about Left and Right or Unionist and Nationalist – this is about freedom. It’s about our common humanity and it’s about overturning this legislation.

So I call on our MLAs. Start the domino effect towards the restoration of freedom. The power is in your hands. Put Northern Ireland on the map for all the right reasons. Reject vaccine passports and tyranny. Give us back our freedom. Because if you don’t, you’ll never be forgiven.