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Citizens and Clean Energy

Jayant Kairam
Jayant Kairam

Jayant Kairam is Director, California Clean Energy at Environmental Defense Fund. Jayant will be speaking at our upcoming workshop in San Francisco on November 17 on innovations in energy policy in California.

Jayant is interested in discussing, learning and connecting with practitioners looking at ways data, technology, and customer access to data can help cities address energy challenges, and the ways it can support cities aiming to transition to a 100% clean energy footprint.

In California, advancing a clean energy economy is a linchpin of the state’s environmental agenda. This trend is pushing market innovation and allowing local jurisdictions to think about how to take greater control over energy use and challenge the established utility-based system. But a key question is how can citizens be active participants and drivers? Jayant hopes to unpack and explore this question with participants. He will speak to the state-wide energy policy landscape, and delve into some large clean energy trends in the state to level set the workshop.


If you would like to attend our workshop we have a small number of guest places.  You can register here.


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