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Yvonne Huebner, Newcastle University
Yvonne Huebner, Newcastle University

Dr Yvonne Huebner, from Newcastle University, focuses on the development of technology to match policy requirements – informing policy makers how to exploit the availability of new technology.

Yvonne has worked closely with Newcastle City Futures, the RCUK/Innovate UK Urban Living Partnership pilot, creating shared opportunities to shape the future of the city.

Yvonne will be a guest speaker at our Tyneside workshop, outlining how data needs to be better used by policy makers.  Her research work has, for example, looked at how IoT (Internet of Things) might impact cities of the future. We’re very keen hear her perspectives on how policy makers should make better use of city data to inform and deliver better service to citizens.

For further information about our workshop, or to register your interest in attending, please visit the event page.

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