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Coming Soon: Our New Report

Future Citizen Engagement is our new report that will be published in the coming weeks. It will be made available, free of charge, to registered readers of Citizen 2015.

The report will discuss how government needs to change to get ready for a digital future.

The future of citizen engagement will require new ways of delivering service to citizens that take much greater account of citizen needs. Government will be required to focus, increasingly, on more complex engagements as open data based services handle more and more information requests.

As complexity increases so, too, will the need to have greater insight into the nature of the citizen relationship. Citizen Experience Optimization will rely more and more on analytics, better workforce management and CRM processes that are fit for purpose.

The report will describe a future for Citizen Engagement that will emerge in the next 15 to 20 years that puts citizen experience at the top of the government agenda. As austerity bites government will be forced to be embrace culture change that aligns citizen engagement processes with commercial sector norms. Instead of papering over cracks, the most progressive government service organizations will implement digital investment that is fit for purpose.

The report will define what ‘fit for purpose’ means and will highlight how certain government organisations are becoming much more ready for more digitally demanding future citizens.

Register now and be sure to get your copy delivered via email – as soon as it’s published in late October.

By Jeffrey Peel

Editor, Citizen20Series and MD, Quadriga Consulting.I am responsible for all site content and have overall responsibility for site editorial, as well as site membership.

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