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Covid Passes: NI Vote

A few weeks ago Northern Ireland’s “Executive” voted through a Covid Passport system. This will require people to show proof of vaccination or a negative lateral flow test result to enter licensed establishments as well as cinemas and theatres and other places where crowds gather.

The legislation was voted through despite opposition from Ministers from the DUP – Northern Ireland’s largest party. The First Minister voted against the legislation. It was, therefore, passed as a result of the votes from just six people: Michelle O’Neill, Naomi Long, Robin Swann, Conor Murphy, Nichola Mallon, and Deirdre Hargey.

The DUP has been pushing for an Assembly vote on the issue and it’s likely that the vote will take place on Monday 13th December. However, the numbers are stacked against the legislative process being overturned. Unless a petition of concern is triggered – the device that allows 30 MLAs to express concern about a motion, requiring it to have cross community support. The DUP is unlikely to trigger such a motion on a health related manner. But it could be triggered by a non-DUP MLA and supported by members across the house. This could help defeat the motion.

I thought the following observations may help MLAs decide how they might vote – in supporting a petition of concern or voting on the motion.

Vaccine Passports do not work
  1. There is no evidence that vaccine passports are effective – as illustrated in the graphic above.
  2. There is no convincing evidence for asymptomatic spread of Covid – and never before has it been suggested that fit/healthy people are transmitters of disease and should have their freedoms curbed.
  3. Data indicate that double and triple vaccinated can readily catch and transmit Covid – with vaccination manufacturers admitting waning efficacy over time (hence the booster programme).
  4. Covid passes ignore the most important aspect of community protection against viruses: natural immunity. Many unvaccinated have better immunity from coronaviruses because of the protection afforded by their own immune systems. Why should such people be discriminated against?
  5. Vaccine passes coerce a medical intervention (multiple vaccine injections) in order to win freedom – but it’s well known that the vaccines carry well documented risks (especially of myocarditis in younger age demographics).
  6. The mandating of a medical intervention by the state is illegal under international convention. The United Kingdom is a signatory to the UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights. Article 6 states that “any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information.”
  7. It’s clear that the government is not focused on explaining the relative risks of Covid “vaccination” versus non-intervention (which vary greatly across demographics). The Health Department in Northern Ireland has been keen to offer bizarre incentives to young people to be jabbed (even offering free ice-creams). These incentives run counter to the idea of informed consent – especially so when Covid is increasingly a mild, endemic disease.
  8. The government in London and the devolved regions are clearly acting in thrall to the drug companies and other NGOs that have a vested interest in the continued promotion of a ‘solution’ to the Covid ’emergency’ based on proprietary pharmacology. The profits to be made are immense. But the costs are individual freedom and human rights.
  9. The Covid-obsessed campaigns have been at the cost of other healthcare provision. Covid passes are part of this process of vaccination at all cost – meanwhile waiting lists for surgery have been growing and the wider healthcare system has been starved of resources.
  10. The public has not been adequately informed by the media and MLAs have failed in their duty to inform the public of all of the above.

There is an opportunity for redemption. All MLAs have the opportunity to vote on the basis of their conscience and ignore their party whips. The Covid-vaccine scandal is unravelling. It’s time for Northern Ireland’s MLAs to be on the right side of history.

By Jeffrey Peel

One reply on “Covid Passes: NI Vote”

Wait until March of next year.
Covid will spike again especially amongst the elderly double vaccinated with co morbidities leading to increase in hospitalisations and deaths.
Vaccine efficacy after six months below 50% and lower in elderly.
Passports are a farce in view of this alone.
Look at current weekly vaccine report from UKHSA – 75% of all deaths from of covid within 28 days of testing positive for covid are double vaccinated.
Can somebody in Government or their so called scientific advisors please wake up and look at reality.
More deaths from covid in the US this year than all of previous year – Wall Street Journal- despite massive increase of vaccination of the population.
And loads more of reliable Government data in other countries to support this trend.

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