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New Survey Highlights Contact Center Priorities

contactcenterTop-line findings from a survey of 129 state and government professionals in the United States have been released. Commissioned by Contact Solutions, in collaboration with the Governing Institute and Center for Digital Government, the study examined how state agencies are positioned today and their preparedness for the future in regards to citizen engagement—from citizen to state worker needs and the technological abilities necessary to serve them.

Citizen engagement modernization within the contact center is considered a critical priority for government in terms of opening opportunities in front-end environments where citizen engagement occurs. Back-end operations, where states can capture data, manage processes and streamline worker efforts, also need attention.

Key findings from the study include:

  • 71% of state respondents noted that their agency has prioritized citizen engagement
  • 62% of state respondents believe that the contact center plays an important or the most important role in achieving citizen engagement

The research further prioritizes contact center investments based on the fastest growing modes of communications and expectations influencing citizen needs. As part of this, health and human services respondents identified the following unmet contact center technology needs:

  • 31% responded that data sharing capabilities are the biggest management solution need
  • 20% said that digital help and information are the biggest citizen channel needs

“State modernization initiatives are vast and ongoing, but the challenge lies in determining which initiatives should be prioritized citizen engagement,” says Michael Southworth, general manager, Contact Solutions.

He continued, “In fact, when these governing institutions start to invest in modernization initiatives and technology, they can’t always assume that it’s fully optimized for citizen engagement or for staff process improvements. There’s no one size fits all answer, but joining with the Governing Institute and Center for Digital Government, we focused on addressing these questions and identifying current perspectives and requirements as a first step in the discussion.”

We’ll be discussing citizen engagement at our upcoming workshops in the UK and USA over the coming months. Our next US workshop is in San Francisco in November.

By Jeffrey Peel

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