Smart Cities Workshop Speakers

Newcastle and The Portal

In adopting a ‘digital first’ approach to citizen engagement a spotlight shines on the web. If cities are to ‘engage’ via the web then the website needs to do so much more than inform. It needs to engage, and it needs to be a portal into multiple services.

Paul Doney of Newcastle City Council will discuss – at our upcoming Tyneside workshop – just how Newcastle plans to create much richer citizen experiences. ┬áIn short, it’s about getting information to and from the Council and Citizen by making processes tighter and more joined-up.

To an extent this relates to application consolidation and integration of back-end processes. Paul will talk about some of the challenges and the types of tech that’s made it all possible.

He’ll also discuss how portal technology is transforming employee engagement.

We have a few guest places at our workshop if you’d like to attend.


By Jeffrey Peel

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