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Internet of Things and Citizen Engagement

According to IDC Government Insights, the analyst firm, government agencies with targets to increase citizen engagement will be spending a significant percentage of their budgets on so-called 3rd platform technologies or Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020.

This will require a redefinition of citizen experience.

Digital Government

Countdown to GE2015

The UK public will go to the polls on Thursday, May 7. Opinion polls show that the likelihood of a ‘hung parliament’ is high – with no one political party having an overall majority.

The outgoing government required the Conservative Party (led by David Cameron) and Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats to put together a coalition. It proved to be remarkably stable over the last five years. However, the likelihood – this time round – is of a more fragmented coalition.


Coming soon…our thought leader interview series

We’re planning our first series of interviews with thought leaders in digital government over the coming months.

Citizen 2015 will build a rich body of information, opinion and debate around the process of citizen to government engagement. Therefore, we want to engage ourselves. We want the opinion of the people who are thinking about how government needs to change and adapt to better suit the needs of citizens.

Our project will focus on the following major themes.

  • Citizen engagement with government
  • The role of citizens in an increasingly digital world
  • Digital government
  • Smarter government
  • Big data and government
  • Government and the cloud
  • Digital consultation with citizens and business
  • Smarter cities

If you would like to take part in our interview program please contact us. Our initial interview series will commence in London (May 12-14). We’ll be conducting interviews in Washington DC and Boston in late June.

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Citizen 2015: We’re Live!

We’re at the early stages of putting together this new site. We want it to be one of the most important information portals focused on digital government.

Citizen 2015 will feature regular updates on issues relating to citizen to government engagement, and government service provision. It will feature video interviews with thought leaders, regular blog posts from the editorial team and guest writers. We also plan to publish white papers focused on issues that are relevant for technology decision-makers in government.

Citizen 2015 will build a significant body of information and thought leadership on issues surrounding digital government. If you like to play a part in the process please contact us.