PCR and Lockdown

Every day we hear reports – especially from the mainstream media – about the number of Covid-19 cases there are.  Since mass PCR testing was rolled out across the UK the so-called case numbers have been used to justify lockdown after lockdown. But these aren’t cases. They are positive PCR tests. To date over 40 million of these tests have been conducted in the UK with hundreds of thousands testing positive.

With every lockdown based on increasing PCR positive test results comes huge damage to our society. Destroyed business, cancelled surgery, massive increases in domestic violence and mental ill-health. In my view lockdown is destruction – and the response to Covid is much worse than the disease itself – a coronavirus like many other coronaviruses, the cause of the common cold. 

But at heart of the policy is testing – but especially the PCR, the so-called gold standard of testing for SARS Cov2, the RNA sequence that’s been identified as the cause of Covid-19. 

Jeff Peel interviews Kevin McKernan

In this interview with Kevin McKernan, for PCR Claims, I ask him about the PCR test and its fitness for purpose. Kevin is a genomics expert and runs a genomics sequencing laboratory near Boston in the United States. Kevin has also conducted a peer review of the PCR test that’s used by most countries that use data from PCR testing to justify lockdowns – the so-called Drosten test (named after the German scientist who developed it).  Kevin’s view is that the PCR test is simply not fit for purpose for measuring Covid infection in general populations – and should not be used by governments to justify lockdowns.

By Jeffrey Peel

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