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Today the Northern Ireland Assembly will meet to vote on whether papers (or digital passes) will be required to participate fully in society from this point forward. At a time when the government is encouraging people to get their third Covid vaccine jab (as the previous two apparently don’t really have much efficacy after a few months) the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and (now) Northern Ireland are insisting on proof of ‘vaccination’ to take part in the most mundane activities – such as having coffee, or catching the latest James Bond movie at the local multiplex.

But we know that, during lockdown, those who had religious faith and wished to worship, had their rights to this most important aspect of their lives curtailed. It would seem that this may happen again under a State-mandated ‘vaxed-only’ apartheid.

I’m not a religious person. But I recognise that others are – and I fully respect their rights to religious freedom, and their rights to meet and worship. I also recognise that while I might refuse a medical procedure for my own secular reasons, others may have a doctrinal objection – an objection that should not result in them being ostracised by the majority or as a result of the strictures of the state.

It’s for these reasons that I have agreed to speak at an event that’s taking place in Northern Ireland on the 27th of November. There will be talks on the biblical response to vaccine mandates, the risks and benefits of the vaccines, and the ethics of vaccine passports. The event is being convened by Christians from various denominations and will have attendees from church leaders, church members and some, like me, who are secular, but wish to voice our support for religious freedom.

If you would like to attend the event (venue TBC) please email the organisers on 

By Jeffrey Peel

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