OrganiCity is an EU-funded project that is attempting to (in the organisation’s own words) “put people at the centre of smart city development.” (Alternatives to putting “people in the centre” aren’t fully spelled-out on the organisation’s website).

The initiative, apparently, has some 7.2m Euros of budget of which €1.2m will be allocated to “citizen-driven experiments based on the Organicity platform in 2016 and 2017.”

Some 15 organisations are involved in the initiative with three cities acting as the key collaboration agents: London, Santander and Aarhus.

Organicity’s partners (that include Future Cities Catapult in the UK) will make available a series of tools that commercial and public sector bodies can use to build “experiments” using urban data and the internet of things.

A recent open call for experiment proposals was made in London in January and bidders can access up to €60,000 of funding. The call is open to experimenters from anywhere who are willing to use the OrganiCity platform.

Further information about Organicity is available here.