Blockchain Workshop Speakers

Blockchain and the Unbanked

Blockchain will transform many industries. One of the first to feel the impact of blockchain will be the banking and payments sector. In short, blockchain based payment exchanges will allow money to be transferred more easily without the need for intermediaries (like banks). The blockchain will allow for peer to peer (P2P) transactions.

We’re delighted to announce that Janina Lowisz, CMO of Cashaa, will provide an overview of  a new P2P marketplace for international money transfer using cryptocurrency at our upcoming Trust Megatrends Blockchain Masterclass. Cashaa is a product of Auxesis Group – one of India’s leading blockchain development companies. The Cashaa marketplace is being used to allow for money transfer between the UK, India and Nigeria.

Our one day masterclass is designed for business and product decision-makers in financial services, public policy and related areas. If you’re interested in how blockchain might affect your business – or how you might utilise it – you should register your interest in the event now.