Blockchain Workshop Speakers

Blockchain: A Trust Enabler

We are delighted to announce another speaker for our Trust Megatrends Blockchain Masterclass on October 12.

Marcella Atzori is a blockchain governance expert and an academic researcher, currently affiliated with the University College of London’s Centre for Blockchain Technologies. She is also an advisor to Ifin Sistemi, the company behind TrustedChain – the first permission based blockchain network of European Trust Service Providers.

Connecting several public institutions such as banks, municipalities and regional governments, TrustedChain introduces the blockchain technology in the Italian public administration for the first time. This makes TrustedChain the biggest permissioned blockchain in Europe both for number of nodes and number of transactions.

Marcella will be outlining how Blockchain is a key trust enabler in financial services and government administration.

Blockchain Workshop Speakers

Blockchain and the Unbanked

Blockchain will transform many industries. One of the first to feel the impact of blockchain will be the banking and payments sector. In short, blockchain based payment exchanges will allow money to be transferred more easily without the need for intermediaries (like banks). The blockchain will allow for peer to peer (P2P) transactions.

We’re delighted to announce that Janina Lowisz, CMO of Cashaa, will provide an overview of  a new P2P marketplace for international money transfer using cryptocurrency at our upcoming Trust Megatrends Blockchain Masterclass. Cashaa is a product of Auxesis Group – one of India’s leading blockchain development companies. The Cashaa marketplace is being used to allow for money transfer between the UK, India and Nigeria.

Our one day masterclass is designed for business and product decision-makers in financial services, public policy and related areas. If you’re interested in how blockchain might affect your business – or how you might utilise it – you should register your interest in the event now.

Blockchain Workshop Speakers

TRUST MEGATRENDS: A Blockchain Masterclass

Some have described it as the fourth industrial revolution: when technology becomes embedded in society. Others talk about the new digital economy where technology starts governing, assuring and auditing itself. But, increasingly, there’s agreement that the enabling technology will be blockchain.


Blockchains and Uncertainty

For those of you who have been voracious consumers of the content on this site, you’ll be aware that we have visited the topic of blockchain once or twice. However, blockchain is a topic that we think will have greater resonance in the coming months and years. Blockchains have the capacity to create markets, based on trust, without the requirement for institutional intervention.

The remit of this site is to look at emerging technologies that will result in new business models and social organisation. Business and government need to understand the impact that emerging technology like blockchain might have – and how we should collectively respond in terms of use-cases, policy and organisation.

So we’re planning on some workshops and masterclasses that will take a look at the early, tentative steps to create blockchains.

In them meantime, we recommend (if you’re new to blockchains, and even if you aren’t) this TED talk by Bettina Warburg.  Bettina is a “thought-leader in the emerging blockchain space and leads the blockchain practice at Animal Ventures, including research, development, and commercialization across the ecosystem of blockchain innovation. She partners her network with Governments and members of the Fortune 500 to help drive the global commercialization and integration of blockchain technology.”