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Martin Taylor: Digital Transformation or Evolution?

Martin Taylor from Content Guru (part of Redwood Technologies) presented at our recent workshop in London and suggested that digital transformation of government may not be quite as possible as some would suggest.

He asserts that as an IT service provider to public sector he needs to work on the evolution of technology rather than its wholesale replacement.


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Delivering Transformation

At our workshop in London a few weeks ago we asked Abigail Gilbert of think-tank NLGN and Stephen Morgan of Squiz to discuss how digital initiatives might work to enhance public service provision.

Abigail and Stephen chatted about how authorities are engaging, increasingly with platforms and smart city infrastructure to improve things – with a strong focus on procurement issues, as well as citizen-driven attitudes.

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Nick Vat: From Fashion to Public Service

Nick Vat, in his recent presentation at our London workshop, used the example of a major fashion retailer to make some pertinent points about the importance of people, process and technology in providing excellent customer service.

In the context of digital transformation of public service, he discussed the importance of focusing on understanding the needs of citizens before embarking on a technology project. His presentation included some sequences from a video interview with a major corporate client in the fashion industry.

Digital Government Workshop Videos

Stephen Roberts: Digital Policing Review

At our recent Conversations Workshop in the Town Hall Hotel, Bethnal Green, Stephen Roberts of Vigilant Research provided an overview of the Digital Policing Review – a project that looks at how police forces are adopting digital ways of working.

The Digital Policing Review was set up around 18 months ago by Stephen, previously the Managing Director of Kable – the public sector analyst firm.

In his presentation Stephen outlines how technology and process, in policing, need to speak the same language.


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Digital Transformation and Policing

The Digital Policing Review Capability Assessment 2017, to be published in April, surveys progress towards digital transformation in the UK’s police forces.

We’re delighted that Stephen Roberts, who oversees the Review, will be presenting at our upcoming London workshop on April 27.

Stephen will summarise ambitions, drivers and inhibitors across the service for digital engagement, deployment, intelligence and investigation. He will also report on cross-sector information management, analytics and tasking, especially in regard to vulnerable individuals and joined-up intervention.

A leading commentator on public sector ICT, Stephen founded Vigilant Research in 2015 after many years as chief analyst and MD of Kable. His primary focus is the Digital Policing Review, which provides the service with free, independent analysis and insights into the use of technology across the UK’s constabularies.

If you would like to pre-register for our workshop please complete the form on the event page.

Citizen Engagement Citizen Experience Workshop Videos

Cities and Accessibility

In our recent Citizen2020 Workshop in San Francisco I had the opportunity to discuss government website accessibility issues with Stephen Morgan of Squiz.

Squiz works with many government departments, and city government, in the USA, UK and Australia, helping to develop interaction portals and information resources designed for ALL citizens (including those with visual impairment).

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Citizens and Clean Energy

Jayant Kairam
Jayant Kairam

Jayant Kairam is Director, California Clean Energy at Environmental Defense Fund. Jayant will be speaking at our upcoming workshop in San Francisco on November 17 on innovations in energy policy in California.

Jayant is interested in discussing, learning and connecting with practitioners looking at ways data, technology, and customer access to data can help cities address energy challenges, and the ways it can support cities aiming to transition to a 100% clean energy footprint.

In California, advancing a clean energy economy is a linchpin of the state’s environmental agenda. This trend is pushing market innovation and allowing local jurisdictions to think about how to take greater control over energy use and challenge the established utility-based system. But a key question is how can citizens be active participants and drivers? Jayant hopes to unpack and explore this question with participants. He will speak to the state-wide energy policy landscape, and delve into some large clean energy trends in the state to level set the workshop.


If you would like to attend our workshop we have a small number of guest places.  You can register here.


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SF311 and Citizen2020

Andy Maimoni

Andy Maimoni is Deputy Director of SF311 the official site for obtaining information, reporting problems or submitting service requests to the City and County of San Francisco.

Andy is a native Californian who calls the Bay Area home. He was born in Castro Valley and has been a Bay Area resident most of his life.

He joined 311 in March 2008 from the private sector with many years of customer support and technology experience. As Deputy Director, Andy manages the 311 Website and other applications used to serve the people of San Francisco. His team ensures the 311 staff has the correct information for callers and focuses on business process improvement analysis. His team is also responsible for ensuring 311 stays available for SF citizens in the event of a major earthquake or other event.

We’ll be recording an interview with Andy at our upcoming ‘Conversations Workshop’ on November 17 – the interview will be featured here on Citizen2020 shortly after. Our workshop series is producing a fascinating catalog of video presentations and chats that are only available to registered users of this site. Registration is completely free and verified users get to see all the video content – and get periodic updates about the Citizen2020 project.

If you would like to attend our San Francisco workshop as a speaker or guest you can register your interest via the event page.

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Future City Stories

Giovanni Rodriguez
Giovanni Rodriguez

Giovanni Rodriguez is co-founder of Silicon Valley Story Lab, a new communications consultancy that helps to position forward-looking organizations for the new global economy. We’re delighted to confirm that he’ll be speaking at our upcoming Conversations Workshop in San Francisco’s SoMa district on November 17. This follows our first workshop held in Tyneside, UK, last week.  

Giovanni’s current and former clients include The White House, the US Department of Education, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Stanford University, the AARP, Google, and dozens of startups, from market entry to exit.

An advisor to several global city hubs, Giovanni recently launched a project to help promote social cohesion as a first-step toward developing smart cities. Since 2011, he has been a regular contributor to Forbes, writing about the past, present, and future of citizen engagement.

Follow Giovanni on Twitter.

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Public Services Perspectives: techUK

Naureen Khan, techUK
Naureen Khan, techUK

We’re delighted to announce that Naureen Khan will be a guest speaker and panelist at our upcoming Newcastle-upon-Tyne Conversations Workshop.

Naureen is Director, Public Services, at techUK – the professional body representing the UK technology industry. She’ll provide the industry perspective on future cities and the Northern Powerhouse initiative.

Naureen leads the team responsible for delivering techUK’s Public Services Programme. This includes Central and Local Government, Justice and Emergency Services as well as Health and Social Care.

techUK’s Public Services programme aims to deliver affordable and accessible public services through harnessing the transformative power of technology.

Naureen has a background in Public Policy and Government Relations. She has previously worked in a range of senior roles, including as European Advisor to the NSPCC and led on European and International policy and public affairs for the British Equality Human Rights Commission.

Naureen is also the former Chair of the European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online and holds an MSc from the London School of Economics.