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Citizen Engagement and Civic Movements

I recently had the opportunity to interview Tiago Peixoto, Governance Specialist at the World Bank.

Tiago’s focus is on citizen participation and he has conducted research into the effect of technology adoption – in various countries around the world – on civic engagement.

In this extract of the interview I asked Tiago for his personal views about the effect civic movements (like MySociety in the UK and Sunlight Foundation in the US) were having on government service provision and responsiveness. His insight is fascinating. His research has concluded that government seems more likely to respond to requests from men, than women, for example.┬áHe also goes on to argue that without effective processes – and technology – for responding to customer requests, government bodies may not respond appropriately, in a timely fashion, or even remedy the problems.

In short, effective government service requires joined-up CRM and performance dashboards.