C2015 News Citizen Engagement

Now we’re a Community!

We’re delighted to announce that Citizen 2016 has now become a true community portal – allowing people from across government to network and share ideas about all aspects of citizen engagement, citizen experience and digital government. Like a ‘Facebook for Citizen Engagement’ we want people to join us.

Why join? Well from now on only registered users will be able to access all content on the site. So if you’ve been enjoying our posts and video content for the last eight or nine months you can keep getting all the site has to offer simply by registering. It’s simple to register and completely free. Once registered you’ll continue to get access to everything. There’s a handy login tab at the top of the page that you can use once you’ve registered. ¬†We’ll also be publishing a member directory in due course.

By registering you’ll also be able to follow or connect with other members and post information or updates on other members’ walls.

So register now and continue to get everything Citizen 2016 has to offer – and more!