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Where Next 311?

At our recent Conversations Workshop in San Francisco we had the chance to get the latest thinking on 311 services from the Deputy Director of San Francisco’s 311 service, Andy Maimoni. Andy was joined by Verint’s VP for Government and Public Sector, David Moody. Both discussed how 311 might evolve in an increasingly multi-channel future.

Citizen Engagement Citizen Experience Workshop Speakers

Adriel Hampton Chairs Panel at Citizen2020 San Francisco

Adriel Hampton
Adriel Hampton

Adriel Hampton is a co-creator. He offers “the strategic insight that leaders need to thrive online and bring together the creative people and technologies to implement their visions“.

He has had a strong focus on government wearing various hats.

At NationBuilder he worked with thousands of nonprofit, government, and political leaders to help them get the most out of technology solutions. He’s worked with CityCamp, Third Thursdays, and The SF Tech Dems. He was also the founder of Gov 2.0 Radio, hosting conversations with tech luminaries like Tim O’Reilly, frontline government workers, and the early pioneers of civic tech.

He’s also been a Congressional candidate.

For these reasons we’re especially delighted that Adriel will be joining us at our upcoming San Francisco ‘Conversations Workshop’ on November 17. He’ll be chairing a panel and we’ll be sharing the video-recorded discussion here on over the coming weeks. Adriel will be joined by Shaun Haines, founder of SF Black Community Matters, and Jenny Feinberg, founder of MakeSpace SF.

We still have a small number of guest places available at our workshop. If you have an interest in civic tech please do register. 

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Changing Cities

Melinda Briana Epler
Melinda Briana Epler

Change Catalyst “empowers diverse, inclusive and sustainable tech innovation – through education, mentorship and funding.”

The organization’s Tech Inclusion programs explore and develop innovative solutions to tech diversity and inclusion. Change Catalyst partners with the tech community “to solve diversity and inclusion together through conferences, career fairs, strategic consulting and training.”

Change Catalyst also runs Startup Ecosystem programs that help underrepresented entrepreneurs and investors to start, scale and fund businesses – helping through education, mentorship, networking and funding opportunities.

Change Catalyst is a Certified B Corp, winning the “Best for the World” award for community impact in 2014 and “Best in the World” overall in 2015.

We’re delighted that Melinda Briana Epler, CEO of Change Catalyst, will be speaking at our upcoming workshop in San Francisco on November 17.

We have a few places for guests at the workshop. There’s a registration form here.  

Workshop Speakers

Innovations and Solutions to Urban Problems

Marcia Kadanoff
Marcia Kadanoff

We’re delighted to confirm that Marcia Kadanoff will be taking part in our upcoming workshop in San Francisco on November 17.

Marcia is a civic innovator accelerating policy change and digital transformation inside cities. She has just finished a book on how “the Maker movement is transforming cities and creating a new wave of economic opportunity for cities.” She has been involved in the City Innovate Foundation and Maker City Lab.

At our workshop we’ll get Marcia’s perspectives on what’s next for cities like San Francisco and how innovation can help make cities better places in which to work and live.


Citizen Engagement United States Workshop Speakers

SF311 and Citizen2020

Andy Maimoni

Andy Maimoni is Deputy Director of SF311 the official site for obtaining information, reporting problems or submitting service requests to the City and County of San Francisco.

Andy is a native Californian who calls the Bay Area home. He was born in Castro Valley and has been a Bay Area resident most of his life.

He joined 311 in March 2008 from the private sector with many years of customer support and technology experience. As Deputy Director, Andy manages the 311 Website and other applications used to serve the people of San Francisco. His team ensures the 311 staff has the correct information for callers and focuses on business process improvement analysis. His team is also responsible for ensuring 311 stays available for SF citizens in the event of a major earthquake or other event.

We’ll be recording an interview with Andy at our upcoming ‘Conversations Workshop’ on November 17 – the interview will be featured here on Citizen2020 shortly after. Our workshop series is producing a fascinating catalog of video presentations and chats that are only available to registered users of this site. Registration is completely free and verified users get to see all the video content – and get periodic updates about the Citizen2020 project.

If you would like to attend our San Francisco workshop as a speaker or guest you can register your interest via the event page.

Citizen Engagement Workshop Speakers

Future City Stories

Giovanni Rodriguez
Giovanni Rodriguez

Giovanni Rodriguez is co-founder of Silicon Valley Story Lab, a new communications consultancy that helps to position forward-looking organizations for the new global economy. We’re delighted to confirm that he’ll be speaking at our upcoming Conversations Workshop in San Francisco’s SoMa district on November 17. This follows our first workshop held in Tyneside, UK, last week.  

Giovanni’s current and former clients include The White House, the US Department of Education, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Stanford University, the AARP, Google, and dozens of startups, from market entry to exit.

An advisor to several global city hubs, Giovanni recently launched a project to help promote social cohesion as a first-step toward developing smart cities. Since 2011, he has been a regular contributor to Forbes, writing about the past, present, and future of citizen engagement.

Follow Giovanni on Twitter.

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