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New London ‘Tech in Policy’ Group

I had the opportunity to chat with Connor Sattely just now. Connor is the man behind GovFaces, a new online platform designed to allow interaction between citizens and politicians.

Connor, along with Charlotte Holloway of TechUK, is a key mover and shaker in a new Tech London Advocates working group that plans to “locate and highlight successful examples of tech developed for impacting policy, and create ties between policymakers and tech providers to assist in new tech tools’ implementation.”  

Tech London Advocates has become one of the most vocal forces for London’s technology sector over the last two years.

I’m delighted to announce that Citizen 2015 and Tech London Advocates’ Tech in Policy Group will be working together and sharing resources. We hope to work together to help highlight new technology based services, developed by the private sector, that are aimed at improving government services or impacting parts of the policy process.

In the coming weeks we’ll interview some of the key people in Tech London Advocates and the new Tech in Policy Working Group. We’ll also highlight some of the firms and solutions in the tech for government space.