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DTMO: The Director’s Interview in Full

A few weeks ago we featured a short segment of our recent interview with Harvey Johnson, Director of the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) of the US Department of Defense.

However, the full interview gives a unique insight into the challenges that are faced by organizations that provide services across all of federal government. In the case of the DTMO the budgets are vast and the number of customers is simply immense. In addition, understanding the service (and how to use it) is a great challenge to users given the accumulated administrative and legal red-tape that has gathered over many years.

As Harvey outlines in this interview with Larry Larkin, reforming such administrative processes is about getting congressional approval and then iterating change. Technology is only one part of the change process – it’s also about knowing and understanding the processes and improving upon them.

It’s clear from this interview that Harvey has ambitions to utilize technology to make things much, much easier for his users. He is an avid advocate of understanding user need and experience. He’s an observer of how things are done in the commercial world and by the ‘Millennial’ generation.

The interview provides a great insight into complexity – but, also, the pursuit of better ways of doing things against apparently insurmountable odds.