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The Digital Citizen: TechUK’s Perspective

TechUK is the body that represents the UK’s ICT industry. Members of TechUK include some of the biggest technology vendors and systems integrators – as well as a growing number of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) keen to get a share of the government spending action.

The UK government has mandated itself to reduce its dependence on a relatively small number of very large technology firms. To an extent G-Cloud is an attempt to allow SMEs to get access to a large number of local authorities and central government departments via a central portal. But G-Cloud is only part of the answer. Many IT products and services are still procured via a traditional route.

It’s for this reason that I was keen to get Naureen Khan’s perspective on this. Naureen is an Associate Director with TechUK, responsible for the body’s relationship with central government.  I asked her about how the tech industry intends to work with government on a transformation agenda – creating better digital engagement with citizens and giving SMEs a better crack of the whip.