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UK and Estonia Forge Digital Government Links

I attended Nordic Digital Day in Estonia on Friday of last week. The event drew together hundreds of people from across government (and those interested in government) from the Nordic region and well beyond. I even spotted at least one delegate from the UK Government Digital Service.

The delegates, of course, were especially interested given Estonia’s near rockstar status in digital government. We have written extensively about this on this site.

The British Embassy in Tallinn is trying to encourage knowledge sharing between the UK and Estonia to ensure that the expertise (especially in the private sector) is shared. Many Estonian companies have contributed to the success of digital government in Estonia. Given the UK’s relative lag in, for example, eVoting and eIdentity, there could be some good sharing opportunities. For one thing, the UK could be a good market for Estonian expertise.

But there could also be opportunities for UK companies to use Estonia as a very advanced market test-bed.

Kevin Tammearu
Kevin Tammearu

I took the opportunity to interview Kevin Tammearu of the British Embassy in Tallinn. Kevin manages┬áTechLink – “an initiative designed to create and support public and private partnerships between the UK and Estonia in the fields of technology, innovation and science. UK-Estonia TechLink is the go-to place to deliver partnerships in the technology sector.”

The audio interview is below.