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UK Budget: IT Perspectives?

Yesterday George Osborne delivered the first Conservative budget in 20 years. Previous Osborne budgets were coalition packages. Yesterday Osborne was given the opportunity to state the new Conservative government’s fiscal direction.

The budget had relatively little for the technology sector or, indeed, digital government watchers.

ITPro claimed in its response that “tech firms were surprised at the lack of apparent interest in Britain’s technology sector.” 

Techworld had a similar view: “Chancellor George Osborne made his statement to the House of Commons but he failed to pay anywhere near the same amount of attention to technology and innovation as he did in his March Budget, where he spoke of IoT, the sharing economy and driverless cars.”

However, there were a few nuggets.

For example, the government is set to invest over £20 million in six ‘Next Generation Digital Economy’ centers to support innovation, partnering with regional councils across the UK. The goal is to deliver more user-friendly public services.

According to David Moody, VP and Global Practice Leader, Government and Public Sector, Verint:

“Government and public sector organisations are now seeking to approach customer experience in a more premeditated manner, just like their private sector counterparts have been doing for some time.  We’ll see an increased focus on digital to improve service delivery and citizen engagement. While it’s encouraging to see these intentions revealed in the budget announcements, there’s still a long way to go. Updating the government’s underlying infrastructures will play a pivotal role. Truly successful digital strategies will harness the power of the cloud, big data and analytics for organisations, while providing better citizen service. For example, offering self-service via online and social media channels would be a step in the right direction.”

By Jeffrey Peel

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